Thursday 23 August 2012

Travel to Quito for a getaway from hectic and monotonous life

Travel to Quito
If you are planning to travel to Quito there is plenty to see. There are different types of places to satisfy your varieties of desires. If you are looking for adventure based tours, you should plan and travel to Quito for the unforgettable experience. Here you will find a lot of beautiful places and scenery that even most well known and modern cities lack. You will find an unusual combination of cultures that can be followed in any metropolitan city which means enjoying varieties of restaurants, museums and nightlife and at the same time you can have the adventurous experience of hikes and tours to surrounding areas.

The best thing about tours and travel to Quito is that you have various towns and locations surrounding Quito and if you plan and stay at Quito you can enjoy a variety of things. The city is divided into old and new parts. You get the feel of old culture and traditions in the old part and the new part has some modern place worth seeing along with providing you the modern amenities.

The best thing about Quito is that it has a lot to offer to its tourists and this is also a reason why more and more people are planning to travel to Quito to spend their vacation. Gather information about the place, culture and everything that you can before you take the decision of visiting Quito. It is not just Quito, but the surrounding areas that have a variety of things to offer. With only 2 hours drive you can experience the hot springs. However, it is good to go there in weekdays if you want to avoid the crowd.

Several archeological sites are there that can be visited especially for those who have the interest in old monuments and memorials. Do not forget to check out the weather before you plan to travel to a beautiful place. The unpredictability of the landscape should be kept in mind when planning to visit Ecuador. Learn some basic Spanish so that you get along with local people better. The people speak Spanish clearly and slowly here so you will not find it difficult to follow as well.

If you want to explore the city and surrounding areas on your own, rent a bike and with a self-guided GPS tour you will have a completely different experience. The rental will even include the insurance and helmets. So, you do not have to worry about these when travel to Quito for escapade.


Monday 6 August 2012

Jacuzzi tubs – Eureka, what an innovation!

What Xerox is to office automation and Colgate is to dental care, Jacuzzi is to bathing luxuries. By the time 1969 dawned most of the serious inventions were on graduation level, a whole world of bytes and megabytes was being sculpted with lots of pain and sweat behind many doors by some of the brilliant minds who became institution among themselves soon after. Five cute boys were on the verge of creating history as a leading music company had rejected them. Water and Gate were soon to join hands to create one of the most infamous scandals of all time. 

In the midst of all this and much more one gentleman was busy in redefining the art of bathing. Roy Jacuzzi at that point of time had no idea how big and significant his creation would become in the times to come. A bath tub based on the concept of hydrotherapy or water therapy was lapped up by many, the art of bathing changed once and for all. Luxury bathing came in vogue. People started designing bathrooms for Jacuzzi tubs. Even backyards became the perfect venues for Jacuzzi tubs. So much so bathing became an occasion for the family to unwind and catch up on a weekend. The concept of a bath tub powered by a jet motor generating water jets to give stressed bodies water massage became a cult in its own ways. Whirlpool baths as technically they are known all over brought spa type bathing right at millions of doorsteps. Rejuvenating oneself in the comfort of home in a hot whirlpool bath enjoying one’s favorite book or favorite drink caught the fancy of the world which was growing at a breakneck speed.   
Today Jacuzzi is one of the biggest companies specializing in whirlpool baths, recessed baths, corner Jacuzzi bath tub, hot tubs etc. Jacuzzi bath tubs today are an integral part of HI profile residential complexes. In fact builders have been wooing discerning customers by flashing Jacuzzi tubs as their Unique Selling Proposition. Hotels and resorts offer them as staple food. The range showcased by the company on its website and e catalogues deserves a look by one and all. There is a Jacuzzi creation for every budget and requirement. If you are not aware of the dynamics of a Jacuzzi tub, the company will give you a crash course in water pressure, types of tubs and how best you can enjoy the fruits of relaxation, rejuvenation immersed in a bath.