Monday, 19 November 2012

Travel To Quito – A City With Diverse Facets

Quito is the capital of the Northwestern South American nation of Ecuador and is also the second biggest city in the country. If you are planning to travel to Quito, there are a lot of places to be seen and a single day tour would not be sufficient to explore the adjoining highlights. You can discover the beauty of Quito by getting your hands on the historical and cultural activities. The city is loaded with some of the most incredible settings of any other city on the planet. It is not just the soothing surroundings of Quito, but also the spectacular historical centers that make one of the most eminent destinations to visit. Moreover, there is also not any specific time to visit this beautiful city as you can plan your trip any time of the year and derive absolute pressure from the miraculous highlights. Quito is also a city of nightlife that is always on the top, where you can also come across different types of sports along with some of the interesting places to visit.

Some of the major attractions of Ecuador that would leave you speechless with their everlasting appeal are:

•    Old Town Area – This part of Ecuador is where most of the travelers most plan their visits. The city was basically constructed as per the requirements of the Spanish plan. It involves a central plaza, which is a cathedral and a religious building.

•    Markets At Otavalo and Cotacachi – A travel to Quito would be simply incomplete if you do not visit these markets. A visit to these markets is more than a shopping tour as you come across various items such as clothing, food, meat and many more.

•    Quito Zoo – This is a largest collection of native fauna of the country as here you can find different species of animals such as wolves, monkeys, puma and many more.
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