Friday, 25 May 2012

Simple Guidelines to Dress Up for a Rave Party

rave clothing rave clothesSo the moment has come when it boils down to deciding what to wear. Well, since we are concerned with rave dos, it would not be a wild leap of thoughts to say that the way you dress up is going to play a pivotal role in deciding the impact you make on the bash. Even if you are not one of the most outgoing souls out there, you wouldn’t want to be a misfit or feel uncomfortable in any way. This is the reason it is extremely important for you to ensure that you select appropriate rave clothing.

Just like any other social event, rave parties have a certain character to them and demand you to dress up in harmony with the ambience. Hence, following are some simple tips to help you dress up for the do.

Tip 1: Go for bright shades
Unless you don’t wish to be there in the first place, you don’t wish to look the dull one in the vibrant crowd attending such parties. Hence, it is recommended to go for bright colors only.

Tip 2: Avoid straps
Even if you are not the biggest fan of ‘so you think you can dance’ the atmosphere at the party is likely to make you feel like shaking a leg. Hence, avoid dresses with straps.

Tip 3: Avoid skin-tights
The crowd, the dance, and to top it all, the heat; chances are you are going to perspire even if its winters; hence, avoid wearing skin-tights unless you wish for the sweat to show up on the dress.

Tip 4: Carry an extra pair
Drink spills are not a very rare occurring at rave parties; hence, in order to ensure that you are prepared to face any such mishap, always carry an extra pair of clothes with you.

Tip 5: Use accessories
Regardless of how much you spend on rave clothing, your attire cannot be considered complete without rave accessories such as LED goggles, stick lights, and the like.

Tip 6: Shop online
If saving a notable amount of money sounds like a good idea, it is recommended that you buy the required rave clothes and accessories from a web based store.

Thanks to the low maintenance costs of online stores; no matter whether you need to buy rave clothing or rave accessories, you are sure to find great value for money by shopping in the online market. 


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