Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Tips for Buying Travel Bags for Every Purpose

tumi luggageThe need to have a safe storage space for carrying our belongings is something we all share in common. Regardless to the part of world we are to travel to, we always need suitable bags to carry our belongings. Here, even though there are different types of premium bags available for different purposes by leading brands such as Rimowa luggage, Eagle Creek, Briggs and Riley luggage, and the likes, many of us find it difficult to make the sections from the never-ending pool of luggage bags the market has to offer. This results in last minute rush and mismanagement and often causes a great degree of inconvenience as well.
Let us have a look at some of the most sought after bag options the market has to offer:

1.       Trolley bags – These are one of the bestselling bags available in the market today. They have the USP of having wheels to row the bags instead of requiring you to carry them. Trolley luggage bags are ideal for long journeys and especially when you are carrying ironed clothes.

2.       Duffel bags – This range of luggage bags is widely popular among frequent traveller for the ease they offer in carrying as well as storage of belongings. The main benefit offered by such bags is their light weight, making them ideal for people from all age groups.

3.       Backpacks – Designed for adventure enthusiasts, backpacks are widely in vogue and promise a highly secure storage environment even under extreme weather conditions. If you are looking for extra protection for your belongings, you may go for backpacks with raincoats.

4.       Handbags – Though these bags may be categorized under daily usage bags, but their versatility makes them a must have on long journeys. Ideal for carrying frequently needed supplies and other small items, carrying a handbag is highly recommended for a seamless journey. 

Regardless of the type of bag you choose, it is very important that you always go for premium quality bags unless you wish to face the music of a mishap in a distant and unknown land. To ensure your bags serve the entire period of your trip and several more to come, always go for notable names in the segment such as Rimowa luggage, Eagle Creek, Samsonite, Briggs and Riley luggage, and other industry bigwigs. Being the frontrunners in their segment, bags by these brands are readily available at all leading luggage stores.


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